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Dual Enrollment- General Information

Tocoi Creek High School offers Dual Enrollment Courses through St. Johns River State College and First Coast Technical College. Students who are eligible are allowed to take dual enrollment courses at Tocoi (through SJR) as well as on St. Johns River State College or FCTC’s campus.

St. Johns River Dual Enrollment Information:

What is Dual Enrollment (grades 9-12)?
Dual enrollment is a program where eligible high school students attend college classes and earn high school credit and college credit at the same time. The credits that students earn must be applicable toward high school graduation and acceptable toward an Associate or Baccalaureate degree.

Who is eligible for Dual Enrollment?

  1. Students who have an overall unweighted 3.0 grade point average.**
  2. Students that have appropriate scores for the ACT, CLT, PERT, or SAT exams.
  3. Permission from a parent or guardian and your high school counselor.
  4. Students that understand the amount of work necessary to succeed in dual enrollment will be greater than in high school courses.

**Student must maintain a 3.0 or higher unweighted GPA in high school to remain in Dual Enrollment.

Things to consider before enrolling DE classes: Principles of Participation – Responsibilities 2023

  • Students will start their college career and GPA. Grades earned in DE classes will impact the high school GPA and the college GPA. Both GPAs will be sent to colleges when they complete their application.
  • DE students are considered college students. SJR is a separate school from TCHS.  Their professors do not communicate with parents or school counselors regarding assignments and grades.  The do not input grades in HAC or follow TCHS test retake policies.
  • All grades earned are a part of the student’s permanent college transcript.  If students struggle in a course and withdraw, they will earn a W on their transcript which can have negative implications for college admissions, financial aid eligibility, and place students on Bright Futures and other scholarship probation once they are in college.  (Bright Futures College GPA Requirements)
  • DE students must be responsible and independent learners.  THE STUDENT needs to make sure that they meet ALL DEADLINES (application, test scores, course registration, book rental, etc) by checking for updates in the Dual Enrollment Schoology group and their SJR email daily.
  • The student will need transportation to and from the college campus.

Application Process:

  1. Students need to click the link for SJR Application Guide.  It is step by step directions on how to apply to St. Johns River.
  2. Students need to apply for the term they are enrolling in class. Example: if a student applies for the summer term at SJR then they need to take a course during the summer term. If they fail to take a course during the term they applied for, they are no longer a student with SJR and will have to reapply in the next term.
  3. If students have successfully completed the application process, they will be assigned a X number. This X number is their SJR student number. Students need to write this down and remember it
  4. Students needs to print the SJR Application Consent Form. The completed form along with test scores MUST to be submitted to their counselor by April 1st.
  5. Students need to complete the Dual Enrollment Registration Form to register for their Dual Enrollment courses.  Registration forms MUST be submitted to their counselor by May 1* (subject to change based on SJR registration window).

Qualifying Test Scores: (Testing Registration and Prep Information)

Students will not need a specific test score in order to begin Dual Enrollment, they will just need a full set of test scores.

Students who wish to enroll in an English or Mathematics course must have a college-ready, qualifying score.

Test & Course Placement ACT CLT PERT Digital PSAT PSAT Digital SAT SAT
ENC1101 19 Reading, 17 Writing (English) 38 Sum Verbal Reasoning & Grammar/Writing 106 Reading, 103 Writing 490+ EBRW 24 Reading, 25 Writing 490 EBRW 24 Reading, 25 Writing
MAT1033 19-20 Math 16-18 Math 114 Math 480 Math 24 Math 480 Math 24 Math
MAC1105, STA2023 21-26 Math 19-40 Math 123-150 Math 530 Math 26.5 Math 490-560 Math 25-28 Math
MAC1147, MAC2233 27+ Math 570-600 Math 29-30 Math
MAC2311 30+ Math 610+ Math 31+ Math

504/IEP Accommodations

SJR is a separate entity from TCHS. Students who have a current 504 plan or IEP with TCHS will need to make an appointment with SJR Accommodations Department to get approval. Students who take DE classes with SJR will not have a 504 plan or IEP accommodations unless they make an appointment with SJR and get approval with SJR. SJR will decide what accommodations are allowed in SJR DE classes.

Contact Information for Accommodations: SJR Website for Students with Disabilities

George Brownett, Academic Advisor and Disability Coordinator on SAC

Phone: 904-808-7480, Email: [email protected]


How do I get my Dual Enrollment textbooks for classes at the SJRSC campus?  

Visit the St. Johns County School District’s Dual Enrollment Textbook Requests web page for complete details.


Students who earn a D/F/Withdraw in DE Class

Students who earn a D/F/W in a DE class will be placed on probation in the DE program. The student will have to fill out a petition on SJR website to be reviewed. Students are only allowed ONE D/F/W in DE classes, a SECOND D/F/W will result in the student being INELIGIBLE for DE classes.



Consent Form

Registration Form

Add/Drop Form

Withdrawal Form


Additional Resources:

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Principles of Participation – Responsibilities 2023

Choosing a Dual Enrollment Course

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FCTC Dual Enrollment Information:

First Coast Technical College has programs in medical & dental assisting, early childhood, automotive & diesel, agriscience, culinary, HVAC, welding, cosmetology, and nails & facials.