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Need a Transcript?!

Request your transcript here:  Transcript Request Form

Hard Copies of Transcripts cost $3.00 and can be picked up in the front office 48 hours after they have been requested.


Use these links to pay for your transcripts in advance or bring cash to the front office at pickup:

Current Students:


Note: Alumni that completed their Debt Day Senior Survey will automatically have their transcript sent to the requested school in mid to late June after graduation.  You do NOT need to order an additional transcript unless it is for something different then what was requested on your survey.


Need a Transcript for your College Applications?!

Tocoi Creek is currently in the process of changing our transcript submission system.

If you are applying to a school in Florida, please consult the list of schools below that require a self reported transcript vs an electronic transcript from us.  If your school is not on the list requiring a self report, you can complete the link above to request an electronic transcript to be sent.

If you are applying to a out of state school, you can either request a hard copy of your transcript to mail to the school now or wait until mid to late September when our new program is up and running.  We will update this site and the Bull Pen when our new system is up and running.  School Counselors will also be visiting senior English classes to go over the system with them and assist them during Toro Time.


NOTE:  Not all colleges want a transcript in the application stage.  Several of the state universities in Florida require a self reporting of grades.  We recommend using the transcript screen in HAC or requesting a hard copy of your transcript to assist you in completing your self report.  Keep in mind that if you attend the school then you will still send a final transcript at the end of the year that will need to match your self report.

State University Self Reporting Links (State Universities not linked below still use traditional transcript submission)