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Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri - Student check out ends at 3:15pm
Wed - Student check out ends at 2:15pm

Early Dismissal Procedures:

A PARENT OR GUARDIAN must submit a Digital Early Dismissal form by 10am to the attendance office.

The student will be issued an early dismissal pass, so he or she can leave class at the appropriate time.

We will contact a parent/guardian before a student is allowed to drive off campus early. Please be available and include the best phone number to reach you on the form.

Emails, phone calls, and faxes will not be accepted to check-out early.

An early dismissal form is also REQUIRED when a student needs to drive off campus during school hours.

An absence note for the early dismissal must be uploaded to the Absentee LINK within 2 days of returning to school for the absence to be excused.


If your child was marked absent and you believe this was done in error, please contact the teacher FIRST!
  • You do NOT need to call or email the school to notify us of an absence.**
  • To request an excused absence and to turn in a doctor’s note, use the digital Absentee Form in the link above. You can do this from your phone and upload a picture or a scan of a doctor’s note.
  • Handwritten notes are no longer needed. Fill out the form and sign digitally.
  • The digital Absentee form must be filled out online within 2 days of returning to Tocoi Creek for the absence to be excused. It may NOT be dropped off at the attendance office or emailed.
  • Filling out the Absentee form does not guarantee an excused absence.
  • Entries to the Absentee form will be pulled at 1pm each day. If information is entered after that timeframe, it may be an additional day before you see a change. Please allow 24-48 hours for change to occur in HAC.
  • You will be notified via School Messenger that your submission was either approved or denied.
  • Only a parent or a legal guardian may fill out the Absentee Form unless you are a student uploading a doctor’s note.
  • Any absence over 15 days requires official documentation to be excused. (Medical notes, statement from court, letters from universities, etc.)
  • Only a Physician’s office is authorized to fax a note for the student to be excused. The fax number is 904-547-4282 – Attention Tocoi Creek High School Attendance Office.
  • Phone calls, handwritten notes or faxes from parents are not accepted.
  • Please note that students are only allotted one day off for observance of religious holidays. 
To learn more about what types of absences are excused, visit the SJCSD attendance website.

Tardy Procedures:


When arriving tardy to school, students will need to go to the Attendance office with a doctor’s note, parent note, or Tardy form. *We will continue to accept paper-based notes for tardies.

When presenting a doctor’s note or a parent note, please make sure the following is reflected on the note:

  • Full Student Name
  • Student ID #
  • Date tardy
  • Parent or Physician signature

*Note: If your student is tardy due to a medical appointment, a note from the physician is necessary for the tardy to be excused.

Examples of excused tardies:

  • Illness
  • Physician’s appointment
  • Court appearance
  • Religious obligation

Examples of tardies that will not be excused:

  • Driver’s license appointments
  • Passport appointments
  • Car trouble (flat tire, dead battery, etc.)
  • Heavy traffic
  • Inclement weather
  • Missed bus

Pre-approved Absences

  • Parents may request pre-approval for a trip by emailing Ms. Jeffers 5 days prior to the absence.

Questions about attendance?

For more information, visit the St. Johns County Student Code of Conduct or the District’s attendance policies.

If you have questions about Attendance, you can contact our attendance office: