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Leonard’s Senior Kick-off Video

Senior News

Attention Rising Seniors: Leonard’s Photography is now accepting bookings for the Class of
2023 senior portrait and photo sessions. Please
visit Leonard’s. Please select Seniors from the menu tab to view
session options. Sessions do book quickly, especially since the photo sessions are done over the
summer months.

Senior Parking Spots- Painting

Senior Parking Spot Painting 2022

Seniors can paint their parking spots for an additional $75
fee. Our paint day will be Tuesday, July 26th from 8:30 am – 12:30 pm.
Payment: Please click here to purchase your student’s paint spot today. Senior Parking Paint
• Upon arrival, students must present, on a single sheet of paper, a copy of their valid
driver’s license, registration, insurance, and a signed copy of the TCHS parking
expectation from.
• Once we have confirmed payment of the $175 ($100 parking + $75 painting fee),
students will select their designated spot.

Supplies to bring:
o You must bring your own supplies including but not limited to paint, rollers, roller
stick, paint brushes, pans, containers for small amounts of paint, a brook to clear
the spot, shade tents, trash bags & plenty of water as it will be hot!
o Important: Only water-based latex paints may be used!

Design Expectations:
o Parking paint must be within the three lines of the parking space and may not go
over in to any other parking spot.
o The space number may not be covered or painted over.
o All parking spots must be school appropriate as determined by school
o Any inappropriate parking spots will be painted over and students forfeit their
parking spot for the Fall 2022 semester.

Make-Up Day
o Wednesday, July 27th is our designated weather make-up day.
o There is, currently, no scheduled make-up date for anyone unable to attend on July