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upcoming non-college reportable
testing opportunities

Who? For Juniors and Seniors in need of testing graduation requirements
When? April 9, 2024 at school
How to register: Please register through SchoolPay linked here


What is a non-college reportable ACT/SAT? 

Students who participate in the ACT/SAT-NCR will be granted an extended time accommodation in hopes that the extra time will give the student a better chance to acquire the necessary ACT English and Reading score of 18 or SAT English and Reading score of 480 to meet the FAST ELA Grade 10 graduation requirement and/or ACT Math score of 16 and SAT Math score of 420 to meet the BEST Algebra 1 graduation requirement.

However, because these accommodations are not officially approved by ACT or College Board, results earned during a non-college reportable test administration cannot be used for admissions or scholarship purposes.

If you have any questions regarding testing, you can email Ms. Amanda Lewis, Testing Coordinator, [email protected]