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Questions About Academics

Will the incoming junior class have the opportunity to complete their certifications in whatever academy they join?

Yes, all students zoned for Tocoi Creek High School will have the opportunity to enter one of the three academies (Construction Management, Healthcare Professionals or Emerging Technologies).  Each area of focus will offer certifications, which may be different than the academy the student is currently attending.  Because sitting 10th grade students will not have access to the academy selection process through HAC, applications will be collected at the time of enrollment/scheduling for 11th grade courses.  Rising 9th and 10th grade students must utilize the standard academy application process.

What Academies will be offered at Tocoi Creek High School?

  • Tocoi Creek High School will be launching three new academies for the 2021-2022 school year. Students may choose from the following during the Program of Choice application process which begins on January 8th and ends on February 5th.  Please note that transportation is not provided for out of zone students.
    • Academy of Future Healthcare Professionals – The electives in this academy will offer students an opportunity to explore careers in healthcare. Students will be able to visit healthcare facilities, participate in shadowing rotations and gain real-world experiences in the medical field.
    • Academy of Innovation in the Built Environment – The electives in this academy will provide a foundation in construction management, engineering and project-based coursework designed to foster creative and innovative learning experiences.
    • Academy of Leadership in Emerging Technologies – The electives in this academy will emphasize the use of emerging technologies and leadership, entrepreneurial and technical skills needed to be successful in rapidly changing industries (robotics, drones, coding) using future technologies.

I am taking Collegiate High School courses at my current high school, can I come to Tocoi Creek High School if I am not zoned for the school?

  • Beginning with the 2021-2022 school year, Collegiate High School will become a program of choice for new applicants. Students currently enrolled in Collegiate High School will finish the program at their zoned school.  Students currently in 8th or 9th grade may apply for Collegiate High School at either Tocoi Creek High School or Menendez High School through the Program of Choice process.

What elective classes can I choose from if attending Tocoi Creek High School?

  • Students can choose elective courses that support their individual interests or post-secondary pathway. Based on student need, elective offerings will include World Languages (ASL and Spanish), Music (Band/Marching Band, Chorus, Jazz Ensemble), Visual Art (2D/3D and Digital Art), Digital Video Technology, Creative Writing, Journalism (Yearbook), Theatre/Drama, Physical Education/HOPE/Weight Lifting, and Computer Education. A comprehensive course catalogue will be available in December 2020, courses subject to change based on student interest.

What academic programs will Tocoi Creek High School offer?

  • Tocoi Creek High School will offer a diverse collection of courses in academics, career, technical, and elective areas. It is our goal to provide a rigorous learning path that prepares each student for the future. Exceptional Student Education (ESE), Standard, Advanced, Advanced Placement (AP), Dual Enrollment and Career-Technical Education certification programming will be available. A comprehensive course catalogue will be available in December 2020, courses subject to change based on student interest.

Who will be the Principal? Teachers?

The principal for High School HHH will likely begin work in that role in the fall of 2020. One of the first responsibilities of the new principal is to build a school staff. The Human Resources Department will develop a process for transfer of teacher and school staff and selection of new employees. This will begin in the winter of 2021.

What academic programs / ESE services / Advanced programs will exist at the new school?

Each of our schools provide a high quality academic program and the new high school will be no exception. Advanced programs are offered at all high schools. With respect to Special Education services, the School District serves all students with disabilities in the lease restrictive environment. All schools have the following services available based on student need: Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Sign Language Interpreting. Hearing Itinerant, Vision Itinerant, Speech/Language Therapy. These services will be provided through consult/in-class support/resource models. Gifted services will be provided by a consult model.