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Frequently Asked Questions

What athletic programs will be offered at Tocoi Creek High School?

  • Both Varsity and Junior Varsity fall, winter and spring programs will be available at the opening of the 2021 – 2022 school year based on student interest.  Tocoi Creek High School is planning on offering a full battery of athletic programs (football, volleyball, baseball, softball, swimming and diving, soccer, lacrosse, basketball, tennis, golf, weightlifting, cross country, track and field, competitive cheer, competitive dance, and wrestling).

Will there be roadway improvements by the contractor to International Golf Parkway for traffic management?

  • The primary entrance to Tocoi Creek High School will be on the northeastern portion of the school site on an improved roadway/drive which will become part of the future County Road 2209 roadway extension.  Additionally, St. Johns County and the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office will be responsible for working a traffic management plan for the International Golf Parkway (IGP) and County Road 2209 intersection for school arrival and dismissal times.  Once developed, the school district will work in conjunction with County officials to implement designed entry/egress options to our school site.

Will the incoming junior class have the opportunity to complete their certifications in whatever academy they join?

Yes, all students zoned for Tocoi Creek High School will have the opportunity to enter one of the three academies (Construction Management, Healthcare Professionals or Emerging Technologies).  Each area of focus will offer certifications, which may be different than the academy the student is currently attending.  Because sitting 10th grade students will not have access to the academy selection process through HAC, applications will be collected at the time of enrollment/scheduling for 11th grade courses.  Rising 9th and 10th grade students must utilize the standard academy application process.

What Academies will be offered at Tocoi Creek High School?

  • Tocoi Creek High School will be launching three new academies for the 2021-2022 school year. Students may choose from the following during the Program of Choice application process which begins on January 8th and ends on February 5th.  Please note that transportation is not provided for out of zone students.
    • Academy of Future Healthcare Professionals – The electives in this academy will offer students an opportunity to explore careers in healthcare. Students will be able to visit healthcare facilities, participate in shadowing rotations and gain real-world experiences in the medical field.
    • Academy of Innovation in the Built Environment – The electives in this academy will provide a foundation in construction management, engineering and project-based coursework designed to foster creative and innovative learning experiences.
    • Academy of Leadership in Emerging Technologies – The electives in this academy will emphasize the use of emerging technologies and leadership, entrepreneurial and technical skills needed to be successful in rapidly changing industries (robotics, drones, coding) using future technologies.

I am taking Collegiate High School courses at my current high school, can I come to Tocoi Creek High School if I am not zoned for the school?

  • Beginning with the 2021-2022 school year, Collegiate High School will become a program of choice for new applicants. Students currently enrolled in Collegiate High School will finish the program at their zoned school.  Students currently in 8th or 9th grade may apply for Collegiate High School at either Tocoi Creek High School or Menendez High School through the Program of Choice process.